But Where Did All The Snakes Go?

Good morning, and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My grandfather loved to write poetry, and I think he was pretty good. One of my favorites of his is entitled, “Wearin’ of the Green,” and it was published in some newspaper back in the ’70s or so. I thought I had posted it somewhere on the web before, but I couldn’t find it just now when I looked. At any rate, enjoy!


Wearin’ of the Green

There will be a celebration in another day or two,
And to prepare ourselves we have a slightly emerald hue.
For it was the custom in our land, when March rolled on the scene,
To proudly show our colors, by the wearin’ of the green.

Ma’s sister Kay popped in last night, to show her Easter bonnet,
And it’s a thing of beauty, for it has red feathers on it.
She put it on to show it off and she looks just like a queen.
Ma took one look, and now poor Ma is wearin’ of the green.

Sad to state, Pa came home late, from a gala celebration.
The boys had got him in a state of slight inebriation.
A potted Shamrock in his hand, for you my (hic) Eileen,
Ma had a fit and Pa got hit, he’s wearin’ of the green.

My brother Joe, I’ll have you know, is just a forward boy,
He stole Pa’s pipe the other day, when Father wasn’t nigh.
Behind the shed he lit up, for he knew he wasn’t seen.
Took a great big puff- that was enough, he’s wearin’ of the green.

That long lean boy who calls on Sis, is really quite a beau!
Bought her a diamond last week, said it cost a lot of dough.
But that diamond just turned out to be a little piece of glass,
And the golden ring I am afraid, is just a hunk of brass.
For when Sis wears it, her poor hand don’t look like anything.
And sister too, I’m telling you, is wearin’ of the green.

So from my folks, now to your folks,
There’s just one thing to say
From the bottoms of our hearts to you,
A gay St. Patrick’s Day!!!

By Thomas W. Carpenter

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