Physician, Heal Thyself

“You’ve got a little something there… watch it! OK, now you’ve got a speck AND some blunt-force trauma…”

Once there was a nation that may or may not have been built on Christian values, but certainly contained a lot of Christians. In fact, even the unbelievers in this society were non-Christians, not non-Buddhists or non-Muslims. Their values were Christian (or at least Christian-esque), and their culture took on a certain flavor which was decidedly influenced by aspects of Christianity.

This state of affairs continued for some time, until one day it didn’t. The Old Guard had gotten too old, and the New Guard decided that they had had enough of a mildly Christian-themed America. So they took down the old decor, changed a few slogans, and generally redecorated the place. They threw out the old stodgy puritan morals and came up with beautiful new ones, like Tolerate Everyone and Love Without Discrimination and Don’t You Dare Tell Me I’m Wrong. It was a shining city on a hill, this new utopia. And they all lived happily ever after.

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If you’re bigoted and you know it…

When is bigotry bigotry? According to the new moral majority, only when conservatives are expressing an opinion. The left is apparently incapable of transgressing its new moral imperatives, which is quite convenient when you think about it. It’s a level of blindness and hypocrisy which far exceeds that of their hated enemy, that old-time religion. Continue reading “If you’re bigoted and you know it…”

Social Justice Kamikazes

4x13_journeys_end_0988It seems like almost every episode of Doctor Who has the Doctor saving the whole of reality from some threat or another, but on at least two occasions the threat is deliberately leveled by enemies who are aware of what they’re doing. In “The Journey’s End” and “The End of Time, Part 2,” the Daleks and the Time Lords, respectively, try to put the kibosh on the whole thing. In both cases, it seems the Doctor’s enemies have gone insane.

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Millennials, Minecraft, and Moronic Arguments

Stories change the way people view the world. Stories are emotional– they don’t tell us facts so much as they tell us the value of these facts, tell us how we ought to feel about them, tell us where we stand in relation to them. Stories don’t give information, they assume it. Stories take place in a certain kind of world, and so implicitly affirm the truth of that kind of world. If a story were to end, say, happily ever after, then we would assume that this is the way the world works.

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