Nailed It!

After yesterday’s post I was reading Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics volume 4, and I came across this gem that connected so well with what Owen was saying.

To understand the benefit of sanctification correctly, we must proceed from the idea that Christ is our holiness in the same sense in which he is our righteousness. He is a complete and all-sufficient Savior. He does not accomplish his work halfway but saves us really and completely. He does not rest until, after pronouncing his acquittal in our conscience, he has also imparted full holiness and glory to us… He bore for us the guilt and punishment of sin, placed himself under the law to secure eternal life for us, and then arose from the grave to communicate himself to us in all his fullness for both our righteousness and sanctification (1 Cor. 1:30). The holiness that must completely become ours therefore fully awaits us in Christ. (Reformed Dogmatics, IV, 248)

Like a boss. A big, stiff, Dutch Reformed boss.

One thought on “Nailed It!

  1. Steven Rohn

    Yeah, the verse in Corinthians he sights is quite clear. I will usually bring up the New Covenant in Christ’s blood. Not only is it a guarantee of our salvation and forgiveness etc (Matt 26:28 and Jer 31:31-34), but its benefits also respect our sanctification. We see this in Jer 32:40, our fear of God is from Him and will not leave us (due to Christ’s blood). And yeah, Jesus’ satisfaction “secured our security” so to speak, for Heb 10:14 says “by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.” Thus the cross fills in all the space from justification to glorification. To study those implications would add all the more glory to the cross as we observed God’s involvement therein.

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