The Bible Project

I was directed to The Bible Project recently by my friend and mentor Daniel Viezbicke. It’s an attempt by a Bible teacher and a graphic designer to explain the Bible in a simple and unified way, using 5-10 minute animated videos. Their conviction is that “The Bible is a unified narrative that leads to Jesus and has profound wisdom for the modern world.”

Bible Project

These guys are approaching their goal from three different angles. They’re making videos which explain each book of the Bible, videos which explain different biblical themes, and videos which help the reader of Scripture to understand the major themes of each book of the Bible, section by section.

The videos are well done, with clever, helpful and sometimes amusing animation overlaid by a concise and explanatory voiceover conversation between the two creators. They’ve made everything available on their website for free, for watching and for downloading. Each video is accompanied by a study guide which would help someone teach that particular book or theme.

The Bible Project is worth looking into for teaching or just for personal enrichment, but it’s also worth investing into. The project is entirely donor funded, and the team working on these videos can only continue their work when they get the funds. Right now they’re less than a quarter finished making all the videos they intend to make. I highly recommend you get on the site and take advantage of these resources, and if you’re able, sign up to support these guys in their work.

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