A Life Transformed by Grace

Jerry Bridges died last night. I never knew the man, and only ever saw him once, in 2014 at a Desiring God Conference. But I paused this morning to grieve and give thanks for his life. I’m so grateful for a man who saw the reality of the gospel in the way that he did, and who wrote so clearly and helpfully the way that he did. I am indebted to Jerry Bridges for so much, not least of which the fact that next week I’m teaching a class titled after one of his books, The Transforming Power of the Gospel.

Justin Taylor wrote a brief tribute to Bridges over at TGC, and I can’t match it. I just want to show some honor and respect for a man who has spent his life preaching the gospel to sinners and saints alike, who has no entered into the joy of his Master.

When then the cord shall be untied
And I shall pass beyond the Fall,
I’ll always be with him who died,
With Jesus, Lord of all.

Go laugh on glory’s side, brother.

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