Coffee: The Slow-down Stimulant


CoffeeA word on coffee- one I hope will prove timely as you enter the weekend. We think of coffee as a pick-me-up, speed-me-up, wake-me-up kind of brew, and it is, of course. It’s a stimulant. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, either- God knew it was a stimulant when he made it, and it’s one of those trees from which our first parents were commanded to eat. But have you ever noticed how unpleasant it is to chug a scalding hot cup of black, unsweetened coffee? We cool it down with ice or cream and sweeten it up with syrups and sugar to make it a drink to go. I suppose the Philistines do this just to make their java palatable, and in their case the crime begets the judgement– but I digress.

To properly enjoy a freshly-brewed cup of hot, black coffee, you must slow down. At least, I know no other way to appreciate the warmth of the cup in my hands, the sight of white steam swirling on a black surface, the unique smell that coffee has, and its bitter, rich, bold taste. I love to sit on my couch on a morning when I have no where to go and look out the window, holding my cup against my cheek and letting my mind take me where I will. And it is the coffee which forces me to do this, to slow down, because stimulant though it is, I just can’t gulp liquid this hot.

I don’t have much of a point, I guess; just an exhortation to slow down. G.K. Chesterton said that often an external hum of busy-ness belies inactivity rather than productivity. He gives as his example a street busy with cars containing people not moving at all. I wonder if he might say the same thing about men and women bustling about the skyway in downtown Minneapolis with their cups of coffee clutched in their hands. Would he say all that movement just disguises minds which don’t know how to handle silence, stillness, and meditation?

Who knows. Just take some time this weekend to slow down with a cup of your favorite brew and think. I think you will enjoy it.


One thought on “Coffee: The Slow-down Stimulant

  1. aiketgate

    Hm. An excellent point. I just wish it didn’t take three hours and numerous reheatings to get through one mug of my hot beverage of choice. Such is life with three children ages three and under, I suppose.

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