One for the money…

Been meaning to stick this up here for a while,

I sometimes worry about money. I think I’m probably not alone in this. How am I going to pay my bills, how am I going to buy groceries, get gas, can I afford to go see the new Hobbit movie, I just want to buy a coffee for Pete’s sake, why am I so hungry, I need new socks, and on and on– I have it pretty well off, but these are the questions which run through my head. Sometimes it stresses me out.

But, it’s not good for me to get stressed out, so I started trying to find a way about a year ago to combat this. God tells us not to worry, after all. I started asking myself five questions every time I get stressed out, and when I’m forced to answer these questions, my anxiety and worry melts away. It really does. Here are the questions I ask myself and meditate on:

1. Who clothes and shelters you?
2. Who feeds you?
3. Who holds your life in his hand?
4. Who equips you with all good things to do his will?
5. Who provides you with all things richly to enjoy?

These five questions get at my anxiety concerning my housing/clothes, grocery bill, medical needs, college, and recreational spending, respectively. God addresses each of these things in Scripture, which I’ll leave you to find. The questions aren’t really that profound; the answer to each, however, is extremely comforting to me. If you ever have the money-anxiety which I experience from time to time, then I hope these questions will be fruitful for your to meditate on.


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