Debt to Society, Part One

This semester has been busy, else I may have written more. Maybe it was for the best that I have been off the clock, who knows.

I made some promises to some people, and then found that people expect people to keep promises that they make to people. Hm. This little limerick, humble as it is, is in celebration of my fiftieth follower, Faith. It is to the tune of a song from a popular children’s movie, and it is about a certain state. You may fill in the blanks as you please.

Floridia– that awkward state that juts into the sea,
Yet dignified enough to have it’s own couple o’ keys.
Even though it’s home to heroes such as Hemingway.
When I consider Florida I simply have to say:

Iiiiiiiittttt’s aaaaaaaaa…..

Supped-up geriatric state that’s really quite an isthmus,
Although during tropic storms it makes a decent litmus,
I would rather live somewhere that’s not so big on citrus,
As a supped up geriatric state that’s really quite an isthmus!


I hope that’s the level of quality you were expecting. I’m no John Milton, but I have been told I have similar facial expressions to Dick Van Dyke. And  since that one was pretty short, let me give a chaser:

Here’s to fifty followers, that’s ten more than two score,
We’ve certainly come quite a ways from only having four–
So to all of my readers (whom I fervently adore),
Invite your friends to read my blog– let’s hope for fifty more!


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