What The World Needs To See

Happy May Day!

Last Thursday a few friends from work and I went to see a Twins game. We lost, but that’s not the point.

It was about sixty degrees when I left my house to meet my friends downtown, so I just wore a collared shirt, no jacket. When I arrived at the meet-up, I saw my friend Mourad, a sixty-year old Tunisian man, wearing a jacket and carrying a blanket under his arm.
“What are you thinking? Did you know it is cold tonight?” He berated me. I told him I would be fine, and he said, “Well, you aren’t getting my blanket!”

By the time we found our seats it had already dropped into the forties. At the bottom of the second, this picture was taken:

Notice who has the lion’s share of the blanket.

As this picture was being taken, Mourad said to me, “This is what the world needs to see: a Muslim and a Christian sharing a blanket.” I agree.
Of course, what the world doesn’t need to see is that by the bottom of the fifth I had the blanket all to myself, and it’s still in my room right now. Eh, what the world doesn’t know can’t hurt it.

Thankful for kind Muslims,

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