Felix Culpa

Today marks the end of National Poetry month, and what a better way to celebrate than with a poem from America’s greatest president ever- Teddy Roosevelt. Not only was he a boxer and a naturalist, he was also a fair hand with words. This poem of his was untitled, so I have titled it myself.

Because I craved a gift too great,
For any prayer of mine to bring,
Today with empty hands I go;
Yet must my heart rejoice to know
I did not ask a lesser thing.

Because the goal I sought for lay,
In cloud hid heights, today my soul,
Goes unaccompanied of its own;
Yet this shall comfort me alone,
I did not seek a nearer goal

O gift ungained, O goal unwon!
Still I am glad remembering this,
For all I go unsatisfied,
I have kept the faith with joy denied.
Nor cheated life with cheaper bliss.

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