John 11

I wrote this and another poem in an ABACCB scheme, which I’m not sold on. But given yesterday’s post from John 11, I thought I would put it up here.

From Bethany came the request
Sent to the Lord of Life,
“The one you love is near to death.”
“The grave is not your brother’s end,
This is God’s glory to commend,”
The Son of God replied.

For love that raises up the dead
The Teacher two days tarried,
Then to his followers simply said
“He’s gone, and I’m glad for your sake.
Belief, not life, is here at state-
Our friend is four days buried.”

Thirteen mourners then drew nigh,
Twelve of their lives despairing,
God’s holy tears gleamed in his eyes,
Yet in the Man of Sorrow’s face
Grief was by hope quickly replaced-
New life he was preparing.

“It did not have to be this way,”
Said Martha, still believing.
“I am the Resurrection Day,”
Came Jesus’ soft reply,
“He who believes will never die.
You need not keep on grieving.”

Then Mary came, fell at his feet,
Now with tears twice washed by her.
The Life was troubled by her plea-
He wept so open and aloud
“See how he loved!” came from the crowd,
“Why was he late, this Healer?”

They showed him where the dead man lay;
He lifted up his eyes.
“Thank you Father,” Jesus prayed,
“I know that you hear me always,
But so these dead men I might raise-
Come out!” The God-Man cried.

A gasp came from the tear-stained throng
When out Lazarus came.
Death fled before the True Life’s song
Foreshadowing that future day
When Life would die so death to slay
And man might live again.


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