Worth Reading: Ben Franklin

Hello again,

Remember when I recommended DailyLit? Well, I just finished my first book using that service: The Autobiography of Ben Franklin. I thought I would read it because I had seen it listed in a few “Books Everyone Should Read” lists. It was… interesting.

When Franklin described his early years in the first part of his memoirs, I got the definite sense that I would not have liked him, had I known him. Though it seems he mellowed some toward his later years, I still get the impression that he was one of those people who annoys the daylights out of everybody, only they can’t exactly pinpoint why. Perhaps it’s just me (It’s not).

In the last three sections of his account, however, I really began to see the man’s genius. He had a hand in practically every pie: commerce, religion, politics (on multiple levels), war- he really was quite talented. And he invented electricity, as we all know, so there’s a plus.

It really was interesting to get a glimpse into the mind of the man that shaped so much of our national history and identity. So subscribe to DailyLit or pick up a paper copy of Ben Franklin’s Autobiography- I hope you will enjoy it.

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