All Time Favs: Christian Living

Another list!

This time I wanted to give a list of the most inspiring Christian living books I’ve read. Of course there are tons of titles in this genre coming out every year, but these are some that have been huge in my joy and progress in the faith. Again, listed in no particular order.

1) Just Do Something, Kevin DeYoung- Growing up, I thought about God’s will for my life constantly. It always seemed such an elusive thing to figure out, and yet so important to know. In this delightful little book, DeYoung gives solid biblical truth mixed with pastoral wisdom and helpful anecdotes to help us know how to think about the will of God. This one is worth keeping copies around to give to people.
2) Red Like Blood, Bob Bevington and Joe Coffee- I know I included this in my other list- it’s just that good. Bevington and Coffee have seen sin up close and personal, and they’ve been overwhelmed with God’s grace. They write from hearts filled with gratitude and heads full of sound doctrine. This is a good book.
3) Taste and See, John Piper- I don’t usually go in for books of meditations, but Piper hits a home run in this one. 140 meditations on everything from rain to adoption to prayer, this is a down-to-earth pastoral approach to seeing and savoring God in all of life.
4) Respectable Sins, Jerry Bridges- Don’t read this book if you value your comfort. Bridges takes a hard look at the sins that we in the West have excused or passed off as quirks, and biblically reveals how awful they are. This is a convicting book to read.
5) Thoughts for Young Men, JC Ryle- I know very little about Ryle, but if this little book is any indication, the guy was incredible. Filled with sound advice and great anecdotes, this short book is an incredibly helpful book for anyone (man or woman, young or old) who aspires to live a Christ-like life.
6) Walking as He Walked, Joel Beeke- I believe this was originally delivered as four sermons, which gives it a unique style. It’s a very short book, and in it Beeke talks about four Christ-like qualities that we must emulate if we are to follow him. So concrete, so good- you should read it.
7) Victory Over the Darkness, Neil T. Anderson- There’s a lot in Anderson’s stuff I don’t agree with, but this book is fantastic. Again and again he hammers home the central point of our identity in Christ, which ought to change everything. This is a book worth reading.
8) Practicing Affirmation, Sam Crabtree- Pastor Sam is such a delight to be around, and this book is filled with practical and pastoral wisdom about affirming others. I didn’t realize how big a deal affirmation was until I read his book. Another short one.
9) The Disciplines of Grace, Jerry Bridges- From his writing, Bridges has two themes he constantly writes about: holiness and grace. This book brings the two together in an amazing way. From the first chapter to the last, this book had me in tears. Definitely worth reading.
10) Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer- This is an absolutely fantastic book about the church, in a real flesh and bones kind of way. Bonhoeffer reminds us that God gave us the church we have, flawed and imperfect as it is, for our good. This was an excellent reminder for me. I highly recommend it.

Well, that’s all for now.


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