Duly Noted: Yours Truly


I said earlier that I’m not great at marking up books. I do have a system I use sometimes, however, for deeper theological stuff that I’m likely going to comb through again and again. When I read these books, I keep one of those nifty multi-colored pens with me, and I use specific colors for different things- black for notation, blue for personal thoughts, and red for outlining.

Tri-color notes 2


The advantage of this system is that when I’m looking through a book after having read it, I can scan for whatever I’m looking for faster, just by seeing what color I’ve written in. Now, not everybody wants to outline, and so a variation on this is to use black for notation, blue for comments, and red for questions, which is what I’ve done for other books. All you need to do is remember which color scheme you’ve used for which book.

So there you go- I hope you will enjoy it.


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