A Very Good Place To Start


Over the last four years I have started, let’s see… seven blogs. And actually, until I just counted, I had no idea it was that many. I need a moment.

For some reason, I labored under the impression (for quite some time) that each blog had to have a specific scope. So, I had one blog for theology, one for poetry, one for coffee, etc. And, since I like to write about some different things, the blogs piled up.

But trying to maintain seven different blogs is horrifyingly complex, so I sorta burned out. I deleted four or five of those blogs (the two left can be seen here and here), and stopped writing completely on the others.

So this is my attempt at a restart. I’ll publish what I feel like here (probably a blend of theology, poetry, pictures, philosophy, coffee, and stories), and in the words of the late Victor Borge, “I hope you will enjoy it.”


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